Bucket elevators

They are made of different capacities for aggregates factories, feed mills, fertilizer, etc. Its construction is modular allowing you to achieve great heights. We use quality steel with different treatments to make it (galvanized steel, special paints, etc).

Loading via built based chute and discharge of centrifugal elevator. Stainless steel or iron buckets according to the material to be conveyed. We build at the top of bucket elevator a maintenance platform ample dimensions with all margin of safety.

Transmission is by electric motor and a gear speed reducer with anti-run back device according to the tons and speeds. It also optionally provides a speed reducer of maintenance.

The termination of equipment is done in painted or galvanized according to customer's request.

ELV0116 16
ELV0224 24
ELV0334 34
ELV0450 50
ELV0580 80
ELV06100 100
ELV07140 140
ELV08170 170
ELV09200 200
ELV10260 260

The productions may vary by model and belt speed.